Tuesday, July 3, 2012



  1. 15  dry dates (chuaray)
  2. 1/2L full cream milk
  3. 200g sugar or to taste
  4. 150g ghee
  5. 10-15 cashew nuts almonds and pistachios
  6. 1tsp green cardamoms powder
  • de stone dry dates, washed them and soaked in warm milk.
    • peel almonds and coarsely grind it with cashew nut and pistachios.
    • coarsely grind  the dates in blender .also,
  • in non stick heavy bottom pan boil milk till it reduces to half  its volume
  • add chopped dates and nuts mixture.
  • add sugar, lower flame and cook till the whole mixture is almost dry.
  • add a spoon of ghee at a time keep cooking  and adding ghee until the mixture leaves the sides of the pan.add cardamom powder.
  • take it out in a lightly greased plate and spread evenly.
  • garnish with chopped almond and pistachios

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