Sunday, September 25, 2011

Preparing Different Masalas: Garam Masala,korma masala

This is a mixture of cinnamon,cardamom, cumin seed ,clove, bay leaves .
25 g cumin seed
25 g black cardamom
25 g pepper
10 g Cinnamon
10 g clove
8 bay leaves

Roast all the spices in a frying pan till nice aroma it and grind it to a fine powder.Store in an air tight jar.


25 g black cumin seed
25 g cumin seed
25 g black cardamom
25 g dry ginger (sonth)
50 g black pepper
10 cloves
10 g cinnamon
1 nutmeg
5 g mace
6-7 bay leaves

Dry roast all the spices and grind them. This type of garam masala is used mostly in meat dishes.


25 g aniseed
25 g cumin seed
25 g poppy seed
25 g coconut powder
20 g kawab chini (Tailed pepper)
Roast all the ingredients and mix 30 g kashmiri garam masala.


25 g cumin seed
25 g black pepper
25 g green cardamom
10 g dry ginger powder
10 g yellow chili powder
10 g ajwain
10 g cinnamon
25 g dry mint powder
5 g asafoetida
5 g mace powder
25 g black salt
25 g salt
50 g amchur powder (Available at Indian Stores only)

Grind all the ingredients. Store in a jar.Tandoori chat masala is ready.

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