Friday, July 11, 2014


SWEET Bread   Gugiya

1.       8 bread slices
2.       ½ cup flour
3.       ½ cup milk
4.       2 table spoon oil
5.       Pinch of soda

1.       1 cup coconut powder
2.       ½ cup chopped dry fruits(almonds, cashew nuts, pistacos.etc)
3.       3 green cardamom powder

4.       2 cup sugar

5.       ½ cup coconut powder(for topping)
·         Soak bread slices in milk then add flour , oil and soda and make dough.
·         Roll small   porie   from the dough .Put some stuffing in the middle of porie and turn the pori seal the edges with the water .like  gugiay .Make all gugiyas .
·         Fry these gugiys  light golden brown on medium heat.
·         To make sugar   syrup add ½ cup water in 2cups of sugar and boil.
·         Dip them in sugar syrup for 5 minutes , take them out and sprinkle coconut powder on them.

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